My Minnesota Man.

I met this guy at a birthday party for 2 of our mutual friends. It seemed like fate. It was love at first sight. I was dating someone at the time, & so was he. I broke up with my bf & he broke up with his gf. Me & my Minnesota man hit off from the start. 2 months later we were saying 'I Love You' and our worlds revolved around each other.
Little did I know, he was screwing other girls and messing with my head the whole time. He wasn't the best influence for me and got me involved in some bad things I never should have been around. But he was my protector. My everything. Him & I were so in love that nothing else seemed to matter. He made everything better.
I was going through a really tough time.. Family death.. Parents Divorce.. My parents get new spouses.. new siblings.. talk of moving.. It was rough & I felt like he saved me from it all.
We had plans. Oh boy did we.. I was gonna go to college in Minneapolis, his home town. We were both gonna move there and get married, and get involved in his "family's business"..
Then I started seeing the signs of his cheating and caught him in lies.. Everything started falling apart slowly & I watched it...
We went out separate ways for a while. Then outta the blue, started talking again.. He was with this girl, who he cheated on me with. & she was pregnant. At that moment I knew me and him would never be together again. He wanted to be friends. I tried. He gave up on us. We said goodbye.
He told me that it wasn't a lie. He really did love me. He really did want to be together forever but that girls pregnancy pretty much ruined all hope.
He still texts me sometimes wanting to see me. I quit replying. It hurts too bad.
I don't regret it. I still love him. I still miss him. I cry whenever I hear songs he used to sing to me. However he changed me so much.
I have confidence now. I know so much more. He taught me a lot about the world and Love. He taught me to care for myself before others so I don't get trampled again. He taught me a hell of a lot more than anyone in my life knows.
I thank God I got to know my Minnesota man & be loved by him all the while learning how to truly love someone. I miss my Minnesota Man with all my heart & ill never forget him. But I'm happier now.
Monroe8620 Monroe8620
18-21, F
May 13, 2012