He's Gone

In life we always search for an answer. Why would you fall in love with someone, who’s not meant for you after all.
Why would you cry…and longing for someone who can never be yours…?
It’s painful.
But what if….the one you love does love you back?
What if the love you're thinking to hold on, is the love he want to let go?
It is even more painful that even you know how much you love each other.....
But you can never be together,..

Love is a beautiful feeling, but can never be fully explained. You meet someone, who’s everything you ever wanted.
You fall in love, and he loves you too. But suddenly you feel like, it’s  just not the same feeling anymore.
You wonder what you have done., and sometimes
The love he once said for you is no longer there.

You hope, that he still loves you.
But things changed…feelings changed.…but worst of all HE CHANGED, he’s gone.

It’s just a memories. All you can do now, is to watched him over..
Watched him, as he moves on.
Watched him as he smile, knowing the reason isn’t you.
..and now, HE'S REALLY GONE.


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May 14, 2012