I Thought It Was Forever

i had met my first love at my friends bbq in 7th grade he was gorgeous and not like most guys and to this day we are still good friends. but it was the summer going into my 8th grade year he was a freshmen in highschool we talked all day and night and one day when he was texting me packing for football camp i told him i had something to say he didnt text back which gave me the okay that he wanted me to just tell him so i sent a long message i explain everything i didnt want him to think that i was crazy because we had only talked for a few months at this point. he didnt respond at all i got nervous turned my phone off then when i got up the nerve i turned it back on texted him and told him to just forget it. he responded and said he didnt want to and that he felt the same way. i literally cried tears of happiness but little did i know that it would all come crashing down. i had a friend and she wanted whatever i had and that meant him so she texted him harrassed him until he got so fed up that he stopped talking to me i was devastated i didnt understand why he would do this to me after i thought that we shared something special then i found out my supposed friend had sent him a picture of me with my cousin said it was this new guy i was talking to i lost my first love because of her i thought it was forever.
gboolove3 gboolove3
May 14, 2012