The "brandy" Effect

I just recently finished my Freshman year in college; and during the last 2 months of school, my heart began to particularly fond of this young lady who seemed really interested in me. Let's call her Brandy. Immediately after Mid-Terms (I was failing at the time), Brandy began making herself 'known' when we were in proximity in hopes of acknowledgement from me. As I very slowly began to gain interest over the passing days, I found out she was on the Dean's List and that scared me into getting my grades together. (As she more than likely wasn't interested in some guy damn near being forced out of school.)

Brandy wasn't intimidating, but her body language just ate me alive. In other words, she made me incredibly shy. She had eye contact so powerful, it felt like she could see right through me. When she was interested in just hearing me speak in general, she would stand in my personal "space bubble". (Probably no further than a few inches apart.) She made it clear to me, non-verbally that she was definitely interested. I never really picked up on it, until she wasn't really around doing what she used to. She practically fell off of the face of the earth. So I went on with my business, studying my a** off just to stay in school for Round 2. My first semester I earned a 1.5 GPA. After I met Brandy who became my motivation to forever put my best foot forward from now on, I walked out of my second semester with a solid 3.0 GPA. (Offset to a 2.25 I believe.)

Brandy was really my second chance at life. As the days rolled past where I didn't get to see her, I often found myself thinking about her all day. It ended up working its way to the point I was losing sleep at night, just thinking about her. I never got her number, as all the meetings between us I was so mesmerized or just so focused on not stumbling over my words. I ended up running into her on Twitter under Suggested Friends, I simply Followed her with a heads up saying "Now Following ...". A few moments later, I told her how I felt - straight up. It went a little something like this:

"You may not remember me, but I just wanted to tell you I like you. And have for some time now. That's all. Peace."

Her response was to block me about a half hour later. I thought that was probably the utmost disrespectful thing any woman could do, after all that we'd been through. Getting over hasn't been so difficult, as I put my feelings on the line and was able to cut my losses.

I knew before I even making my final attempt through Twitter, that I had very strong feelings for this girl. I didn't know if it was Love or not, so that's why I said "Like" instead of "Love". And also not to scare her off, but apparently saying LIKE has the same effect.

Anyway to sum this up, "What I Learned From My First Love" is that when I make that special lady, all other obstacles in my life disappear. There's nothing I can't do, when I am in pursuit of that ultimate goal. She was my ultimate goal. I went from nearly being forced out of school, to getting my act together academically, joining organizations and making new friends. She really did change my life... I will always remember her for that... "The Brandy Effect."
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Wow, this was almost my experience too! I was pulling a little higher grades, and it was Facebook that she blocked me from... I know how bad this hurts man, it seems to consume you sometimes, I'm learning that the best way to cope, is to tell someone about it. Which you have done, for some reason it made it feel as if a lot of the pressure was taken off. If you'd like to read my story "Treated me like a toy..." we could see how similar and maybe talk it through. (Mines really long so I don't blame you if you don't wanna read it). Either way, you will make it through this, and will possibly be greatfull for the experience later, here's to wishful thinking!