I Thought It Was Love....i Guess You Didnt.

i dated this amazing guy a year ago and we went through a lot and made it through a lot but then we got into this stupid nine hour fight on the phone and computer screaming at the top of our lungs at each other fight. of course he ended it before i could say it was over. we had gone through so much together and it was given up in just a second. then we secretly went out and i felt horrible because we were both cheating. i was so immature and stupid i really was. and then we talked about our relationship a few days ago and you said "what do you mean love? that was not love. i better have hell been love"
I thought it was....
i learned never cheat because it will hurt you more than the person you cheat on. and never love a guy that says he can't love. he is probably right.
taycork taycork
13-15, F
Jun 28, 2012