If it wasn't for my experience with my first love, I would have never learned the importance of knowing my self-worth. I was a very loving girlfriend. But the problem was I did not love or have any kind of respect for myself. This lead me to being a pushover and allowing myself to be treated any kind of way by him. If I had a problem with the things he did or how he acted sometimes, I kept quiet. I was afraid that if I told him my disapproval of certain things, he would become angry with me or dump me. I went places I didn't really want to go, hung out with him and his friends because he wanted me to, even if it meant neglecting my own. I didn't care about my own feelings. I thought his were more important. Eventually, I got tired of it and other problems with our relationship, stood up for myself and ended it. At the time it seemed like the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. But now I know that it was something that had to happen. I had to become a wiser person. I had to learn to love and respect myself. Because if I didn't know my own self-worth, I could be easily be made to think I'm worthless and be treated as such.
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C'est la vie.