What I Learned

Well, it seems like a simple moral---now, of coarse, a few years later. As always...the punchline hits later than you expect it to...and you think, 'Well, why didn't I think of it then?'

I was head over heels for a girl...and presumably she felt the same for me. We dated from sixth to eighth grade. Middle school is middle school...people grow up too soon. I learned that I needed to appreciate myself in order for her to appreciate me. But I couldn't do it. We were so happy together---just the two of us, no one else in the world---the best feeling. But...I didn't feel so good with myself, you understand?
I didn't think I deserved to be with someone like her. Much smarter than than me, way better looking, more ambitious; I was laid back and couldn't wait to leave that crummy school to get to real school; a high school that had what I was looking for.
So we broke up...
And there's my lesson. If I'm not happy with myself, then no one will be happy for me.
But the thing is...I think, 'Well, if someone were to like me for who I am now, then I'll be able to appreciate myself before someone else does.' But it just doesn't work that way, now, does it?
548mitch 548mitch 18-21, M Aug 10, 2012

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