He Is In Me

I loved the love which loves me a lot, like that i loved him, even he cannot expect that from me.
from my child hood on wards i don't know how people care about us, love us, he showed me each and everything. i experienced a lot . i feel so comfort when i stay along with him, my FIRST kiss, first HUG, i shared everything with him .............
but we are separated our ways,our feelings, our love everything......
We both never expect that we will be 2.
he sacrificed me because of his mother...... but
i strongly believe that he loves me allot...... I MISS HIM
After that i learned no one can love me, like that he loved me.
Every one who lost their first love will know the pain
spienee spienee
22-25, F
1 Response Sep 11, 2012

Mothers can be the worst thing in a relationship! Your young yet. A whole life in front of you Live it to its fullest Let no one take that from you no matter who or what it is!

thanks for commenting on me.....
i can't live my life in my own manner because in india especially in andhra pradesh no one allow us to stay like that, every decision are taken by our parents we are there to just follow them

Yes I know! I have been there a long time ago. But still you can give it your all to be as happy as you can be. And remember some day you will be in their place and making decisions for thoes under you make them count! Live for that day today!