My First Heartbreak

We were both 15. We started out as friends, laughing together, watching a movie together, and giving the occasional hug. But I always wanted something more. She was beautiful, on the inside and outside. I Remeber one time we were cuddling, and for some strange reason we ended up kissing. I though that everything was going to be perfect, but I didn't realize that is was an unrequited relationship. She didn't love me, and as far as I knew, she didn't even like me.

It lasted a week. I got the "let's just be friends" talk, and I spent the next four months trying to get back with her. It was futile. Nothing would work. Eventually I gave up, and became a depressed wreck. I'm still on anti-depressants because of it.

I only wish she had told me the truth, and rejected me, rather than led me on. It hurt a lot, but I think it was a good learning experience. I feel that through the ordeal, I learnt more about relationships, and how people work in general.
bart567 bart567
18-21, M
Sep 12, 2012