Isn't it strange. You never really know how in love you are, until the break-up. When you hear the words "It's over." You literally feel your heart break inside of you. And it sucks, it truely does. But that's what makes you a stronger person. When your in love, your the happiest person in the world, you lvoe everything about life itself! You can have a smile on your face no matter what. We, as people, spend half our lives, or more, looking for love. But when we do, it's the most magical thing in the world. The human heart is one of the most magnificent things we know. It's beautiful, spectacular, strange, mind blowing things we know! And we love that. As people that's one of the things we need to appreciate more. Because it's amazing, flat out amazing.
alwaysthere313 alwaysthere313
13-15, F
Oct 21, 2012