He Married Another Woman.

When I was sixteen I was an exchange student in India. I had only been living there for a few weeks when I started dating someone. We were together for two years. He was my first everything, and there was a time when I thought he might be my last. We were so hopelessly in love.
Inevitably I had to return to the States. He tried to come visit me, but his visa was denied. For over a year we tried to make it work, but the long distance got the better of us.
He called me tonight to tell me he got married.
Part of me thought that someday when I returned to India we would have a second chance together.  Now I know that that door is closed forever. I feel like I’m mourning a life that was never mine.
He will make an amazing husband, and an even better father. She is one of the luckiest women in all of India. I wish them nothing but happiness. - I will always love him. -

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Jan 16, 2013