Well, From All of My Significant Boyfriends

My first love taught me no to be so trusting and that men cheat and lie.  He also reinforced my trust in my intuition, something that has yet to fail me.  My second love taught me that there are men in the world who are caring, sensitive, romantic individuals and what a real boyfriend should be.  My third significant relationship taught me a lot about myself and psychology.  I found out a lot about who I was with him.  He made me think outside of the box and see things in a different light.  He also made me feel like it was OK to me who I am.  My ex-husband made me realize that I will not tolerate a man in my life who drinks heavily, smokes cigarettes, or does drugs.  My most recent ex-bf has taught me the importance of family.  I've never been a family-oriented person, but he is and that drove me crazy.  In all actuality, he is a straight-up Mama's Boy.  His familial relationships made me realize the importance of my family.  I have gotten much closer to my sister and fathers and I just recently got back in touch with my cousins whom I haven't heard from in over a decade!

Oddly enough, supposedly every one of my exes is supposed to have profited from being in a relationship with me, according to a book that I read a while ago.  According to my ex-husband and ex-bf, that's true.  I hope that's the case with the rest of them!

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1 Response Aug 19, 2008

i am glad that you did learn something from each. thats a great thing. i hope you find love and happiness that you deserve.