I Am Getting Smarter By the Minute!

The thing I learned from my first love is this; It is okay to walk away and make a better choice for your life and your future.

The man I loved, The man I wanted, wanted me too but I was sunk in a pit that I could not see. I felt betrayed when he walked away. I was hurt and angry and said things like "don't tell me you love me.. your leaving. That is not love!"

But is was. It was self love. He loved himself enough to walk away from something he really wanted badly. in order to spare himself a painful and messed up future.

I applaud his choice now that I am healthier and model it too.

You must be at least as healthy as I am right now to be with me. You must be going where I am going to walk with me. You must want the future I want to build it with me and you must be willing to do it together equally, Always walking forward toward a healthier future.

Thanks K.M.

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3 Responses Aug 25, 2008

Emerald, you are so right. I was so rejected when me first love broke up with me, that I couldn't see the obvious... if he stayed he would have hurt me more. It just takes time to realise that

Well, of coarse she doesn't see it right now, WIkked! It's called feeling Rejected! Even when we KNOW it's for the best... at the time we feel like a failure to ourselves, the loved one, and the relationship. In turn, we blame the other person for "walking out" first! Tis natural process. Question is: which person is willing to shoulder the initial responsibility, and blame *sighs*, by taking the first step of leaving the unhealthy situation?? :O

Wow. My ex would not see my departure from her like this, even though it was very similar. Hell, I have tried to end things with my current wife and she wont let go. I have not been the love that she deserves and she still wont see it.