Learned From My First Love

the same words have different meanings for different people.

sometimes, by rushing things we have less time.

actions speak louder than words and sometimes by saying something you're actually showing the opposite.

it's very important to understand for whom you're doing what you do.

it's not optimal to have only one thing you consider "worth living for."

if you don't have anything smart to say but you want to talk ... think harder. saying something random and silly at the wrong time can be more harmful than it seems.

sometimes you're the least specific when you try your hardest to be specific.

i have to trust my intuition; it's right more often than i admit.

sometimes we do more good by not being there.

the best intentions don't always translate to the best actions and vice versa.

cultural; differences. enough said.



...there's more, but I don't know right now.

naranja naranja
26-30, F
Feb 13, 2009