So Much

And i'm so grateful for it, too.
Basically, my first love did treat me like ****, i look back now and think the only reason he stayed with me as long as he did was because he knew he was leaving the country soon anyway. It upsets me, and i know he never felt for me the way i felt for him. I feel like a fool.
But i'll never, ever be bitter. I don't want to be. Because what I thought about that ex before we started dating and whilst we were dating still remains - he is an amazing person. He might not have been for me. We just didn't compliment eachother the way a happy and healthy couple naturally should. There's no one to place the blame on - and I learnt so much throughout the whole thing, that i'd be silly to regret such a learning experience.
I learnt a lot about relationships in general, and a lot about myself. I feel stronger and more confident now. And though I was distraught over this person for quite some time, that's no where near as important as the life lessons i learnt, and will continue to use and grow on.

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
Mar 18, 2009