Neighborhoods Are Creepy At Night O_o

Partly because my night vision SUCKS (now I know why I hate driving at night), and partly because of the shadows and creepy noises. I had two owls hoo at me, then a third one came in and screeched at one of the first two owls, then this dog started barking at me out of nowhere, and there was this really loud truck noise coming from a distance. I heard the train whistle from a few miles around the corner, as I was going up the hill to the park. When I got over the hill, I saw two rabbits running across the road, and they just stopped and looked at me... I guess I'm not that threatening =|

It didn't help to start my walk by accidentally touching a cold, dead slug carcass in the doorway x(((( So Gross.
Infinite9 Infinite9
70+, F
May 14, 2012