Old Men And Motorcycles

     I've never really understood why old married guys would ride overpowered motorcycles.  I have an old Air Force buddy I visited in Georgia who is basically a vegetable now... didn't even know I was there.  The man was an heroic airman... before he ****** himself up on a stupid motorcyle.

     My neighbor is an old guy.  Bought a Harley last summer, and I had a bad feeling about it.  He said the bike was a part of him.  I told him he just needed to get laid.  It's just a machine after all.

      He got hit by a truck this week.  He's all busted up in the hospital and will likely never work again.

     Old men and motorcycles are a bad idea.
Manorkill1 Manorkill1
61-65, M
Mar 23, 2012