Yet She Never Learns

i want to say that i loved you enough to let you go. but i still can't, i can't let you go and that sucks. i don't know what i am exactly hoping for, maybe i am hoping for things to get better as i always do, maybe i am hoping you will come around. but certainly, i am not hoping for you to change or for us to get any better than this. i have realized that long time ago, it's never gonna happen. what's lost is forever lost. it's better to leave the mirror broken than hurting ourselves trying to fix it.

carefully, deliberately, there is a gap between us, it's almost like a sinkhole. it has always been there, but you camouflaged it way better than i thought so hey, here i am... absorbing all the things that was hidden. and the tears, the pain. it's not because of our memories, trust me... our memories have come to a point where it is blank in my head... it's just a piece of art that is getting old and fading away as soon as it comes. no worries on that.

reason why i cried is real simple but it might be hard to understand. why i cried is because you still mind every little details of my past and still, you can make your way into me by saying that i didn't tell you this and that i lied about it. things which i have forgotten, things which i can't remember... i didn't lie about them. see here... when you said, i tell you truth. but when i tell you truth which i remembered... you became the one pointing the finger, i am the liar. when i said slowly, gradually... you told me to shut the f up... and believe me, if i could tie you down and make you sit down, i am gonna fill you up everything, every single fcking thing that you think you don't know about me.

sadly, what you cared the most is the people i have been with, that i wasn't with you and to you that's so damn wrong, just because i wasn't with you. it may sound like i am a serial killer, but trust me... to get to the right one, we are bound to make the wrong choice, the wrong decisions. and you are one of them. to ask you to forget is impossible, i can still hear you loud and clear... you won't be able to forget. so here again... it's loud and clear as day, that i should have left, that i should actually leave instead of hoping, hoping for anything, whatever at all.
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and you're so good at finding the fault in me, while sitting by a lake, you can just say something and it becomes a story out of me.....