Expectations Lead To Dissapointments.

I will never forget two people in my life I expected so much from, and ended up so dissapointed .. More like feeling like sh** I should say. An x bestfriend and an x boyfriend! I am much smarter and stonger now thanks to them. And although I want to curse then out everyday I face them, I am much stronger than that. I have moved on. And everyday I am thankful because there fakeness only brung me closer to a new bestfriend and a new boyfriend, both that I love & both that show so much effort. Im not alone. I dont ever have to be. I learnd to never expect from anyone. I refuse to be dissapointed. There is noone I should be more dissapointed with then myself for expecting.
armygf1231 armygf1231
22-25, F
Jan 16, 2013