Just That Quickly You Have Made Me Feel Like I Accept and Appreciate My Life...

I learned to accept and appreciate my life. Not really but for some reason this site has made it seem so simple and easy. My name is Dee. I am a single mom, 40, I am married but my husband has been incarcerated for 6 years. My first time being alone w/ 2 sons. I have a decent job, 2007 pontiac G6,  a town house but feel so unappreciated, hopeless at times. I am struggling and think of everyone but myself, which is why I have been blessed all these years. I have diagnosed myself w/ bipolar disorder have taken so many pills, seen therapists but there is nothing wrong w/ me. I just need to accept and appreciate my life.

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3 Responses May 27, 2008

aw thanks for the compliment and I'm glad I could help

There is only one word that can describe your comment "WOW" Thanks! I was looking over things about you and pictures. For one, you're beautiful, two I am a Libra too :-) My born date is 10/20/1967. As for religion. Everyone needs a bit of spirituality in their life. Agreeing w/ you I do. I pray to communicate w/ you again but in the meantime Best wishes to you too.

you've just taken the first step by admitting that you need to learn how to accept and appreciate your life. it's good to think about the well being of others but you have to think about yourself as well yes your blessing have come and will continue to come as long as your patient and keep others in your thoughts. step back and look at your life again find the things you need to improve and start toward it your struggle is only temporary eventually things will fall back in place and be in harmony what I find works for me when I feel low is a prayer I ask God to help me through the rough times help me lead a better life. you need to find yourself and when you do all those negative feeling you have will disappear Don't be afraid to ask the Lord for guidance. I'm not trying to force religion on you if your not a religious person but at least think about letting him in your heart. I hope you overcome your negative thoughts and take time for you. Best wishes to you