Accept and Appreciate

Things may not always go as you want them to but one day you will realize how selfish you have been to be dissappointed with the way your life has been or the way it is going. When I was younger I took so many things for granted I was spoiled I threw a fit when I didn't get my way but as I got older I realized how much hurt I caused my family when I was in my rebellious and spoiled mood. My parents were always working so I didn't see them much and I was mad about that but as I got older I realized they worked to provide for us. I'm sure it wasn't easy raising 8 kids. I've seen a lot of stuff in my life not all good either. but I've learned to accept what life has in store for me and appreciate it cause there are ppl who had a rougher life then me and still manage to keep their heads up and now I will too.
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1 Response Jul 25, 2007

Yeah, I'm learning better now how to appreciate everything i've got. it wasn't like that years ago. i pushed so many people away, my parents and my brother especially and it was only recently that i've started to mend those gaps and show who I am to other people. i'm glad though that both of us have matured so much.