No Other Way

Someone I love dearly is an addict. For many years I tried to "fix" them and tried to "help" them with their problem. Finally, with help from others, I learned that the only person that can help an addict is the addict themselves. I learned to let go. Since then life has been better for both of us.

WeirdWillie WeirdWillie
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3 Responses Mar 22, 2009

I was a fixer, too. A good friend helped me realized that I was miserable because I was taking in the toxins that these other people were giving off. It drains you, because you give all your energy to try to help someone who's not ready to be helped.<br />
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I'm always happy to hear when others get their energy back! Congrats.

You can't do it for them or fix them. Let go and let it runs its course. Things may not turn out the way you want but you will be healthier and happier

It would be so wonderful if we could fix people but we can't. Everyone has to fix themselves, even if you do an intervention, it has to come from their inside. It can be painful watching them circle the drain............All you can do is be there for them when they need you. I hope they are better now!