Love Yourself

I learned to love and respect myself. I realized that in the last few years i had lost myself . I was always a friendly upbeat person. I have never been a skinny person and i was happy with my body . But somewhere i lost sight that i really only need to be happy with myself and not care what anyone else says. I tried to change who i was to make a guy happy. But in doing that i lost touch with my personal happiness and that is the one thing you never want to lose. I became unhappy and withdrawn . I started to feel like i was losing my soul to nothing. Then one day the guy that i loved so endlessly broke my heart one too many times. I realized right then that if i didn't want to become someone i hated i had to find myself and the love i once had for myself. Since i realized that nobody will ever love me as much as i do. So i went to work on finding that old me . The woman that loved to laugh and made friends easily . I found my passion of fashion and style that i buried . I found that i have a talent for finding the spark in people and bringing it out so that they shine.  Now I'm working on going back to school and having fun in life. Life is too short to not enjoy each moment . My dad was a wise man and he told me a long time ago ( Heather if you don't love yourself then no one else can ). At the time i didn't understand what he was saying now i do. People only respect you if you respect yourself and people can't love you if you don't love yourself first .  So keep in mind that people that are evil can only hurt you if you let them . If you look at them with respect and love glowing from within you they turn away they can't handle the glow  of true happiness that you share with everyone.

Remember you are your own worst enemy and critic. Don't judge yourself by others standards . Only you have the perfect standard to measure yourself .

Laugh at life and live long and happy

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1 Response Oct 12, 2009

Wow, powerful stuff, and very true... keep writing...