It's Over.

I took up motorcycling 8 years ago.  Got all the gear, got the courses passed, got my dream bike.

Last summer, I rode once.  I can't believe the insurance!  I can't believe the gas prices!  I don't want to use up

gas just to go for a ride around.  I need to go somewhere to make my rides purposeful.  But by the time I pack up

the bike, get my jacket on, my boots on, my helmut on, my gloves on, get the bike out, start it up, try to start it up, try again, I realize I could have jumped in my car and had a coffee while I was driving in a whole lot of comfort!

My bike is for sale.  I guess I'm done with it now.  It was fun - it used to be fun. 

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1 Response Mar 3, 2009

Yes, I loved the feeling of freedom, riding around in the country - yes, Canada has wonderful places to go riding, but the season for motorcycles goes from April to October. I've seen a few bikes out already and it's not even March break yet....those are the diehards still in their snowmobiles outfits! Too cold for me!<br />
Maybe someday I'll get that urge again, but I ain't gettin' any younger! hahaha!<br />
Enjoy your bike!