Our Infidelity Experiences...

I’ve been in a relationship for more than 3 years. We’re a good & happy couple.
But in the beginning we had some trouble…
When we were in the very early days and talking about to be more seriously in the relation, she (Nancy*) had some contacts with a guy, Richard* (now he’s my friend) in my city, briefly but had it.
So after about 3 moths, I found out it and hate it of course! And we’ve broken. By these time I had a female friend, Corinne*, who were interested to be with me, she is/was very attractive and we finished being together… And I have to add some special note: This female friend is the other guy’s sister!! No fake! After this I’ve gone out of city for a period by completing my studies and keep on contacts with Corinne by phone & emails only. But as soon it started, it finished… We’ve broken after some problems.
So I came back and restored the talks with Nancy again (she broke with Richard before I starting with his sister, Corinne). And it becomes very strong by now.

We've repaired our mistakes, but after two years, I had briefly physical contact with another woman when I got a trip. But I regretted it and felt down by these happened. I kept it in secret for about one year, so I told her the truth. She felt down after I told it and thought to break with me but forgiven me.
Now that we are almost 4 years together, I think our trouble are fixed and we do love each other.
I don’t want to do this again and believe we can be happy after our infidelity experiences. 

"Andy L"

Note: * fantasy names.

AndyL AndyL
31-35, M
Aug 15, 2007