As Happy As I Decide To Be

So true! As soon as you put your happiness into anothers hands you are vulnerable. I spent my life like this. My happiness depended on whether or not my ex was happy, or sad, or home or out... or whatever! Dont get me wrong I have my down days but I can pick myself up now. I can distract my self. Im nice to myself. I dont wait to do nice things with someone else, if I want to watch a movie I can now watch it with just me : ) I can cheer myself up. Happiness truly can be found within. I now feel I dont need someone, or want someone to complete me. I now feel I would like to share me with someone. My happiness is dependent upon myself.

cloudlessworld cloudlessworld
31-35, F
3 Responses Feb 8, 2010

I'm so jealous of you cloudless. I want to be where you are so badly. I want to be able to take myself out to dinner and finish my whole plate. <br />
<br />
I would love to talk to you and just get your perspective on how you achieved this way of life.

of course! we are all guilty of it sometimes. just so long as you dont let someone become your crutch and you have the skills to pick yourself up afterwards, thats what matters. after all you are the one who will always be there for you : )

Very very true cloudless ... as soon as you hand your power over to another, you allow them to dictate how you are feeling. I know I am guilty of this from time to time ... but to be in control of yourself is the best!!