Wild Raspberries

I have just taken my gorgeous dog for a ramble in a forest and came across bushes of small sweet raspberries.

As a child I loved to pick blackberries and would excitedly run home with them for my grandmother to make apple and blackberry crumble.

But I don't remember wild raspberries, or them ever being mentioned.

I have just told a friend who says he and his friends often used to pick and eat wild raspberries.

Hmmm .. I wonder how many other things there are out there that no one has thought to tell me about??!! surprise

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Hmmm .. seems real strange to me that I have lived in England all of .. um ..23 years and never ever heard of wild raspberries before and nor had any of my friends.

NEWS FLASH!!!!! <br />
<br />
<br />
Famous Eper tasmin and her friend today picked wild raspberries in an English forest.<br />
They later washed them and ate them with a sprinkling of suger and large dollop of icecream,<br />
<br />
' Yummy yummy!' exclaimed tasmin, ' they did taste good!'

OMG!! New news today!<br />
The guy I was talking to who said he often picked wild raspberries as a boy now says they were strawberries NOT raspberries and that he has never heard of wild raspberries!!<br />
I said that I have been talking to people on the internet who have picked them and he said ' Well thats in America, not England'<br />
I am taking a friend there today to pick wild 'raspberries' but now I am real worried ..what is there in the forests of England that looks like a raspberry, tastes like a raspberry, but is not a raspberry???

Why is the worm always the problem?

No, you won't be dreadfully ill. I'm sure the stomach acids make short work of the worm. It's only a problem if you chew the raspberries and bite into the worm....they are quite bitter.<br />
<br />
My second fact for you: If you don't take the time to check the center of the raspberry before eating, then swallow it whole. DO NOT CHEW!

Well thank you datura.<br />
And what happens if I have swallowed a raspberry worm?<br />
I did think about the flies etc before plopping the unwashed berries in my mouth But then I thought ' what the hell' and just plopped them in with abandon<br />
Will I be dreadfully ill ?

Good story!!<br />
<br />
I have given your question considerable thought and I believe there are 5,761 things out there that no one has thought to tell you about.<br />
Perhaps if we all try to tell you a thing or two, you will finally know it all.<br />
<br />
My fact for you is as follows: Sometimes wild raspberries, and domestic raspberries too, have a little white worm in the center. Always look in the center before popping them in your mouth.<br />
<br />
I learned this the hard way when I was seven :-(

We have lots of blackberries in our lane frito and you have reminded me to pick some later.<br />
<br />
Abooklover, you are more cautious than me as I was not positive it was a raspberry but popped one into my mouth anyway.<br />
I came across what I thought was a cherry tree recently and plucked one off to eat, it did cross my mind that it could be poisonous but I took the chance anyway!

Lovely...wish I could come...we do have some wild blackberries here that are wonderful! Enjoy Tasmin! :)

Thanks for commenting basspla<x>yer, thats a wonderful memory.<br />
<br />
I am going to go back and pick some to take home.

One of my fondest childhood memories was picking wild raspberries with my grandmother at our cottage. Once in a while a few of them even made it into the containers we brought with us :)