Texas Roadhouse

A few years ago I was dating a bartender from my local Texas Roadhouse. She had to work for a few hours on New Year's Eve. I thought that my friend, his girlfriend, and I would go eat dinner there that way I could surprise her. We didn't sit in the bar area, but I still got to see her. Our waitress ended up being one of her best friends. She started telling me about a table of ******** that just left. They had a $60 bill and left like $6. Yes, I know that was 10% but nobody tips that anymore. I thought that was bull ****. She is a great waitress, one of the best I've ever had to be exact. Well when we got our bill it was about $75. Yes, I said $75. 3 huge steaks and lots of alcohol adds up. I ended up matching our bill and tipping that to her. We left before she saw it. About 20 minutes later the girl I was seeing text me. She said that her friend was ecstatic and couldn't believe I did that. I just said she deserved it and was really good at her job. That big tip did wonders for me that night. And that is for another story and another group.
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3 Responses Jan 6, 2013

I think it's really important to let servers know when they've done an exceptional job. So often they don't get the compensation they deserve. I have been lucky and it is rare that I have any experiences with waitresses or waiters that are less than satisfactory.

My rule of thumb is cocktail servers get 15%, unless it's crappy service. If I have to go to the bar to get a new drink, then all bets are off.

But for wait service? 15% for crappy service, 18% for decent service, 20% for good service... and I've tipped as high as 50%, depending on the circumstance.

I almost always tip at least 20% and sometimes more, mostly because I have worked in the business for a lot of years, bar tending, being a server, and being a manager. The only time I tip 10% is when I go somewhere with my kids and I'm obviously ignored over others because of being a woman with kids. I know from being in the business that it's a stereotype that women who come in alone with kids do not tip well. When I hand the server the 10% tip, I make them aware that I have been in the business and they would have gotten a huge tip if she would have not chosen to ignore me.