Just Can't Stay Away

I love EP for many reasons, but hate the fact that I'm so addicted to this site. When I log on, I tell myself that I'll be on for an hour at the most, but as I'm doing things here and there....time seems to slip away and before I know it, I'm here for 2, 3..sometimes 4 hours. It’s so hard to leave this place once logged on, but I will employ a little self-control while using EP here on out.

Although the stories here are spellbinding, I am really starting to enjoy the Q&A section. A lot of the questions are fun and help me to pass the time as my life at the moment is anything but exciting. I prefer to answer the questions that require me to think, but will answer almost anything while logged on. I like to leave comments on stories showing my support, love, and care of member’s situations. Though each story is different, they all require some finesse as the subject can be heartbreaking. I enjoy the light-hearted stories as well.

It’s been said once before, but I truly have the best circle on EP. Period. I have way too many to name, but I appreciate each friend that I’ve made here over time. There are a particular few that standout among the crowd of friends; however, I will not highlight which ones…I’m sure they know who they are. Thank you for being in my corner no matter what!
Cryssy1980 Cryssy1980
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 19, 2013

he he......me too in this wonderful circle
cryssyyy u rockkkkkkkkkk

You rock, my friend! Thank you! :)