Post Its

Whenever I'm returning a library book that I've read, I find a quote that has something to do with the book's subject matter and leave it on the first page of the book. That way, whoever's reading it next will have that to think about as they read it.

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5 Responses Jan 7, 2007

Whoa, you've got me inspired!

That is a fantastic idea and I'm sure whoever has the book next is thankful of your kind gesture =]

Hi... I don't do that exactly, so I didn't join the group, but I would love to find one of your books with its quote stuck on. Every now and then I find a short note scribbled in a book--and I read mostly library books--and I enjoy it. If some part of a book really affects me, I leave a penciled note in it for whoever is next. And I correct typos if I'm *sure* they're a mistake. So far, I haven't been called to the librarian's office. :)

Me too! What a fun little game.

That's a neat idea!! Thanx for the "suggestion"! I might try this myself!