One of those days when Iam really horny and kinky I shower with doors ajar.

With at least 3 maids it's always a possibility to get caught showering if someone just walks in ;)

My son walked in on me last time and today I feel someone will again lol xxx
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No problem if someone walks by or walks in. We even have a couch for people to lounge about while someone else is using the plumbing. Life is good and bodies are natural.


When he came in what happened?

who have seen you like that other then your son ? do share it.

When I visited India almost a year ago, I stayed in the house of my friend in the city of Agra
I tell you the secret: When I saw my friend's mother , I felt excited, she was attractive woman and exciting
I can not resist looking at her breasts and her beautiful *** , and one night I saw her while she was in bathe, how the scene was exciting, I can not forget the image of her body
But I feel my friend, I am staring the body of his mother very much, and it may bother him

your neighbors so lucky

Did anyone come in?

interesting .. maybe it will be me :)

My bathroom doesn't have a door, neither does my shower:-)

Ever since our children were young, we did this. Now they leave the door open too!

I'd love to be your son

I need to be a maid! ;-)

Did they

Hope it will be me .loooool

Mmm...I'd like to "accidentally" walk in on you while you're showering.