I Leaved In a Note Book and Leaved There and Move On

I live my pass in note book.

I write down what happen to me and write it down.
And I am learn to leave it there.
The bad partes of my life.

And go on with my life.
And make a new life for myself.
And some time that is hard for me.
But I am make a new life.

And let the other one be in the Note Book where I put it.
And some time when it gets full.
Throw it away.
And go on with life.
I am find that it is working for me.

I had to for get the bad parts of my life.
And make new one that make me happy.

Then I am not so depressed and think about it all time.
I put on paper or computer and let it lie there.
And then I get full .
I delted it .
And it is gone out of my head.
And I have moved on.

I have found that works for me.

If that comes up from the pass do it differnet and work on it and move on again.

Thankyou for read this.

lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
2 Responses Feb 25, 2007

Thank you for stop by and read my.<br />
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That idea of a journal or diary is great. I also keep a journal. Thank you for sharing your story.