Never Lead Him On

I was at my friends house, and took her phone and started to text this guy that she used to go out with. I was said "Hi this is (insert name here)'s friend. What's up?" He responded with something along the lines of "Ummm okay...nothing. You?" And we just kept talking, and by literally the third or fourth text he sent me was "Would you consider going out with me?" I was like woah! Way too fast! But I kept talking to him and having fun then he started saying that he liked me and I had never met the guy. I honestly thought I liked him too even though I had no idea who this guy was. It felt weird. I eventually started to text him on my phone and we kept talking, and talking, and talking. I kept telling him that I wanted to see him like he wanted to see me, but that I couldn't because there were a lot of problems. And I kept leading him on and I wasn't aware of that. Then, he was asking me if he could take me to school and when could we go on a date and stuff. And here's something that I didn't mention... He's a junior and I'm a freshman! He's two years older than me, has never met me, and wanted to go out with me! And he was like "You can wait in my car with me until the bell rings before school." It was so weird and I started to get scared. I said "no" to it more than enough times. It was then I realized that I couldn't like him and no way could he like me. He kept on saying that he did like me a lot and that he got over my friend for me. He started opening up and said he was tired of being lonely and wanted to be in a relationship. Then I realized he was just a pathetic, horny guy. And to top it all off he started asking me if I could give him some of my friends phone numbers! Can you believe that?! It was the weirdest thing I have ever been through and potentially the scariest because who knows what he wanted with me. I couldn't and still can't believe I was so stupid. I experienced that leading a guy on is HUGE mistake! Even if he really did like me, it is the biggest, dumbest mistake I have ever made and will now never try to convince myself that I like someone I have never met.

aidenisforever aidenisforever
13-15, F
Mar 17, 2009