Led ***** Lights

So most consumers keep on buying mercury light bulbs and bringing them right into their homes and LED Downlights communities, oblivious to the extremely hazardous materials found inside each light. I launched www.EcoLEDs.com because I wanted to provide an eco-friendly alternative to toxic CFLs and wasteful incandescent lights. My aim is to educate consumers about the advantages of LED lights and make them so LED ***** Lights popular that even Wal-Mart starts selling them, putting my own company out of business.
I will only consider EcoLEDs.com a meaningful success when LED lights are sold at mass merchandisers and incandescent lights become a thing of the past. I hope The Home Depot stops giving away toxic fluorescent lights and starts selling LED lights instead.
Isn't it interesting how the U.S. government requires Energy Saver statistics to be printed on washing machines, dryers and other household appliances, but NOT on incandescent light bulbs (which are, by any measure, the least efficient household appliances of all)? I think we should start with mandated labeling that shows the lifetime cost of each bulb sold at retail so that consumers can start to see the different in the total cost of ownership right there at the point of purchase. GU10 LED Lamp
That would, for the first time, make consumers acutely aware of what it costs them to operate a light bulb, not to even mention the cost to the planet.
But can people do math anymore?
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Jan 23, 2013