Moving Forward But Looking Back

It's been a year and a month since I left my SM. It has also been a year of immense change.
My son and I moved to a new country. I'm going back to school and working on juggling work, school and parenting. 
Do I have regrets? No. 
I'm happier and slowly overcoming my depression. I started dating and found a great guy. 
Do I have regrets? Yes.
At times I regret the comfortable life I gave up and wonder if I made the right decision. 
I know I have not made a mistake but I know that I will always have questions about whether I did the right thing. 
My solution has been to busy myself with school and work. The less free time I have, the less I think and get maudlin. 

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41-45, F
2 Responses Sep 9, 2012

I'm glad for you. It's a long, painful journey. None of us emerge unscathed. I'm glad you have someone to share it with now. <br />
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Princess QueenOfLaundry

I just got home, and answered your message before I had a chance to see your new stories. I'm very glad to see you're doing well. I'm glad you're able to keep busy. It does help the days go by quicker so you don't get stuck in the past, like you wrote. I'm sure there are good times ahead for you.