What Kind Of Regrets?

Strange as it might seem and painful as it was, there is one thing I don't regret. I don't regret my SM.
It was awful and almost killed me and yet, it made me what I am now. 
My SM showed me my weaknesses and helped me face my fears. I addressed my issues and finally took control of my life and made some hard decisions. 
I have changed and grown so much as a result. 
If the SM hadn't been so painful, I would never have grown and transformed. So no. I have no regrets. 
eternalhope eternalhope
41-45, F
3 Responses Sep 9, 2012

Not just a case of no pain, no gain but the greater the pain, the greater the gain. I know this too.


That's excellent, EH. I'm glad you found a way to move on and get ahead with your own life. What a huge change, I know, but it's a good one. I knew you weren't happy before, especially regarding your SM.

Definitely a good change, @UE. Moving ahead now.