Womanly Wiles

My latest analyzations all stem from a comment a dear friend made last night. He said that if I were a game player, I could eat my man up and spit him out.

This made me wonder...what the heck happened? Why don't I possess the same tools in my relationship toolbox as other women?

In the years a girl normally learns about the birds and bees, I was without a female role model. Mom taught me that sex was a bad thing. I was an only child...no older sisters or cousins to speak with. No older female friends...

So I never learned about womanly wiles. I don't know how to charm or beguile a man. I interact with them in a confident, honest manner. I would like to think that's a good thing, but for that 100% connection, does there need to be some mysterious or captivating behavior?

So I'll put this out there for discussion. Please...help me play catch up in all things man- and dating-related. What do you define as womanly wiles? Do they exist? Men, are there certain things we do that drive you crazy (in a good way)? 
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7 Responses Feb 15, 2013

Equal does not mean the same. 2+3 = 4+1. The are equal, but not the same.

I've met women who make a somewhat masculine or neutered. Being professional should not equal not being feminine. By nature being the person (female) you are will attract and maintain interest the right man.

I don't try hard to keep people around me. The things about me that make people uninterested keeps the wrong people out of my life!

Just make a man feel like a man and make him grateful you're a woman...that's about it. Finer points we each work out for ourselves! Good luck...you don't have to lie or play games to win a man...honesty works when used correctly.

I was the eldest..no one to follow either.
I simply went after what i wanted.

I wish more women were honest and straightforward about things. Try not to learn too many "wiles".

I don't think I have them either...

For starters almost every man wants a sensuous woman.

Most men want a woman that makes him feel that he is the most remarkable man in the world.

A woman that can make a man feel his strength and uniqueness, is a woman that he will want.

If you make a man feel that way when he talks to you. Then you will win the game of love.

Many things to answer in this story. It will take some thought to do it properly. So stand by for insights, in the next answer to this.