Right now? I'm sitting next to the love of my life. His boys sit a row in front of us. Watching high school football in the most perfect ohio friday night weather. I'm glad I left so I can experience this. My heart is full of love and I'm thankful that I will leave this stadium and head home to fall into the bed I now share with a real man. Life is good. No regrets here!!
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Real man

Yes. Very much so. Thanks.

So want was your ex

Not enough man. Kinda like you. At least he had the sense to not troll. You need a hobby. Or ****.

Question has your cheating own your ex hurt you so much that your being mean to me.

Lol. Calling you out for the troll you are isn't me being mean to you. You pretending to care with your made up past and lies so you can post rude comments to others is mean. You need some help and a new outlook on life. So you got hurt. Does that mean you sit on the computer to troll for others you can hurt as well? Don't contact me again tobad8. I see you for who you are and want nothing to do with your disturbing lies and sick games.

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Happy for you!!! 😊

Thank you!