You Know How Those Groups Add Up In Your Profile...

I personally have nothing against t-its but I realized I was part of the group "I love my t-its" and also realized I didn't have any!

More seriously, if you have left a group for a major reason and want to share your opinion WITHOUT starting a flame, I think you're welcome to share and maybe educate others before it is too late.

I am also interested to hear from those who have suggestion about the formats or dos and don't for this group.


KnottyG KnottyG
41-45, M
1 Response Feb 21, 2010

I know everybody hates them but there need to be rules:<br />
- No names or easily-identifiable features should be used in your story.<br />
- No flames, war or anything nasty of the kind, take it elsewhere, I don't care.<br />
- If you have to be specific about a group or an individual, accept the consequences of being identified and don't whine about the lack of anonymity.<br />
- Use of derogatory and cursing language will not be tolerated. If you are not an adult, learn to be one.<br />
- Think about the sharing value of your story, is it mainly venting or is it also meant to help others?<br />
<br />
That's it for now :-)