Always Left Behind

my best friends always changing based on schools that i goes to. when i found people that i think sort of 'clicked' with me, then someday, they just walk away without me even realizing it. i love my friends, treat them nicely and always help them. but why did they leave? did they changed? or am i the one who changed? did i make mistakes without realizing it? am i not good enough?

KissinCoffin KissinCoffin
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 14, 2009

"friends come and then they go"...but not all the time. There are friends that will always be there for you, no matter what. <br />
Ecpc has already covered the most part of it. But don't worry, when you get settled down in one place long enough, you'll probably find some friends who'll stick ((hugs))

If only they were here to answer...Well at least you ask yourself these questions,..because usually its the people who don't analyse themselves that might never realise they have faults..It sounds to me that whatever the reason (s)...they are probly insubstantial...You may just be more loyal and sentimental than most...One thing for sure is that its a real friend that can give honest answers to such questions..Maybe they take you for granted?..or the opposite....If your a good deserve the same in return..and is not always fair...Usually if we are honest,..we can list our own faults,..or close to...So i do suspect that your story is more of a lament for the transience of friendships,..rather than any mysterious misgivings in relation to yourself....That said...your own transience would not help matters,..especially if you dwell on the topic,...Like reminiscing to new friends about old ones etc..Anyway...good luck:)