Hope: The Good Will Prevail

I wrote this letter to EPstaff after they said I should not delete my account; rather consider putting it up on vacation mode to still give me time to decide whether I really want to go or not:

Thank you for the response I was contemplating the same thing; in spite of all the attacks from certain members due to a particular issue on EP recently I have decided to stay on EP; there are a lot of good people on EP and I cannot judge (paint) the entire EP under the same brush simply because a few of the members decided to act like a bunch of careless trolls when all I tried to do was good.

I also understand that I could have handled the situation differently - that is why I like EP so much; because it gives people countless opportunities to learn from their mistakes to turn out a better and stronger person in the end.

Also few of my friends pleaded with me to stay saying if I go "I let the trolls win" and I cannot go away hiding my Light under a bushel when I am here to shine and make a difference like any other having the courage and wisdom not to be discouraged to do so by a few people who do not believe in me - I can say this to a lot of people on EP who have been unfairly attacked by people who would rather see them down and depressed than happy knowing they are worth something and not useless as they have been made out to be by a bunch of ignorant and malicious trolls.

I won't put my account on vacation mode; I will KEEP IT ACTIVE.

Thank you so much for the thoughtful response; I appreciate it since I felt hurt and depressed and just wanted to delete the account and get it over with and off my back but this rejuvenated my Hope and sense of purpose tenfold.

Yours sincerely
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
1 Response May 10, 2012

if you leave here, let it be because that's what you want and not because of people trying to pressure you into it.

Yeah especially not Trolls aka pedo supporters included that want to get me off this site... True story I got harassed for exposing them. *rolls eyes* I find it funny criminals always want to be big and famous doing what they do...but they never want to be exposed as criminals... Now they either want to be criminals or they don't...when they make a choice to support crime then they are guilty by association...so why now the back pedaling? Making all sorts of excuses and blaming other people for other stuff that is by far irrelevant to what they are doing?