After Being Released From Jail I Got The Story Behind Why He Was Locked Up...

I am sitting at home just missing him, wondering if he had enough to eat, if he was warm or deing assulted while in jail and now I learn that the reason he was locked up was for braking up his ex mercedes benz after he found out she was dating someone else. WHT? He moved out from her place over 6 months ago but now I find out that they never stop seeing each other even though she knew he left her moved out of their home to be with me. Nasty *** woman.
Well he got out Friday of last week and I told him on Saturday "WE ARE DONE".

I cant not believe this man gave m e a recycled engagement ring he gave her, that when ever I was not available he was texting, emailing and talking on the phone with her. He thinks because it was not sexual that it was not cheating.

Drop Dead Nigga!
TSelina TSelina
1 Response May 16, 2012

I hope you mean this for real, why would you be attracted to such a person....?