Leaving Them For Two Years:(

Ok...so hi every one... i would like to share my story with every one that is leaving his/her friends in a country and traveling to another,.......now you should know  that i am a Lebanese girl living in KSA(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) i am in eighth grade. Now when i was in 3rd grade i got informed that my family and i were to leave to Lebanon...and then, I'll be like a stranger....with different cultures and activities.......i was reelee sad u knw wat im sayin!!!!! i got bullied alot in Lebanon... u knw.. in schools....i had more than  diaries trashed by boys and girls...mean!!!  so my parents in the end of the summer vacation decided to move me to another school!!!hooooooooray....oh no but guess wat???!!!!! they were even meeaner!!!but the most important thing was thati stayed in touch with my best frends....we're still together since first grade... we used to send letters and emails....and i loved them even more....and finally i got to go to KSA in 6th grade!!!i was so happy i cryed a lotttt!!!! my bffs started crying with me !!!!




MaleekaDudette MaleekaDudette
13-15, F
Feb 11, 2010