Decisions, Decisions..........

Well, about a year and a half ago I made a big decision to up and move to Texas.  I had lived in Washington my whole life- 21 years!  I'd always dreamed of leaving but it is definitely easier said than done.  Finally the day came.  I had the opportunity through my job to transfer to Dallas. I jumped right on it.  Interviewed and got the position. I was excited but scared at the same time.  I hadn't even told anyone I was considering leaving.  I am very close with my family and friends and I knew if I even brought up the thought- they would try and say anything they could to change my mind.  The day came when I had to tell my parents, family, friends and boyfriend of a year.  It was very difficult, but they actually handled it quite well.  My boyfriend decided he would move with me (boy what a mistake!) my parents said, even though I am their only child they will support whatever I decided and my friends said they would visit.  So, January rolled around, we packed up and headed to Texas.  It took 4 long days but we finally made it.  We had a very rocky beginning.  My boyfriend couldn't find a job, he was depressed and missing his home in Alabama. His nasty outlook brought me down and made me regret my decision. As the months passed, I met many wonderful people and started feeling more at home.  Found favorite restaurants and clubs and started finding myself. Even joined curves and Weight Watchers.  Things were great for awhile.  I visited Washington a few times, made my homesickness go away.  Shortly after I had arrived from a trip to WA in May, I had to fly back in June from my Grandma unexpectedly passing away.  This is when it started to sink in and everything got real tough.  Got home to a messy house, angry boyfriend and no family.  I think ever since then, it's been a downhill experience.  Although, I have learned allot and have since then quit my previous job and started a fabulous job that I absolutely love, it's still not home!!  Christmas time came and it was very hard for myself and my family. In February I moved, from one apartment to the next thinking it would make everything better.  Nope- things only got worse.  My boyfriend and I started fighting more and I started getting beyond homesick and severly depressed but I have been keeping my feeling to myself. I don't want my family and friends to know how weak and lonely I really am.  To make a long story short, I have a big decision to make. Leave the wonderful job and friends that I love and will regret leaving or stay here, in Texas, continue a vicious circle with my boyfriend and be unhappy with my life.  ??? The question I keep asking myself is- will  I really be happy if I move back, will I regret moving. There is so much to think about and I don't even know where to start.
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honey,do not change for him like that! What if you do and he still cant find a job?He will still be down and angry and you will have changed for no good reason.Think real hard before making this decision.There are steps he CAN do to make it better for himself.If you leave your new life behind for him you will probably regret it for a long time and might even hold it against him. Never change to make someone else happy,it will just make you unhappy. Please remember what is best for you while you are considering it. Good luck

Life's all about changes, it is impossible to have a static life. Also, we only live once, no matter what your decision is, you can NEVER know whether it'd be better or worse than the other choices. I know you are at a crossroads, and such a big decision is incredibly hard to make, but you still have to make one... It is up for you to decide; so I am sorry tht I am not to much help except spiritual support. Think carefully before you make the decision; Good luck!!