I Gained 7 Years of Life By Divorcing My Husband!

This marriage had been a difficult 2 years of my young life.  After divorcing, I respect myself more.  My freedom to choose, to do what I want, to take control of my life (from what I buy, to how I decorate my room, to where I travel, and who I socialize with).  I'm taking control of my sexual life, my social life and all.   I have also found another person who is currently accompanying me on my journey. He is proud of my decision, and of my courage.  I feel young, like I did when I was 21 (the age when I married him).  I had been feeling like a 34 year old, taking care of him all the time, deflecting his criticisms, and trying to make love where there was NONE.

Message to those who may be thinking about leaving their husbands:

If you are afraid of social stigmas, please, don't be.  In the end this is YOUR life, and you only have ONE to live. If you are unhappy, and your husband is not willing to talk about it or to work through differences, please, get out. Trust me.  You will find someone else. You are a great person, after all, you've been trying to make it work for SO long.



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I left my husband FINALLY!! Put up with soliloquy much humiliation and dishonesty and distrespect. Forgave him so many times. Made my kids from another marriage suffer. Just when I thought all was good, the bastard was entertaining himself nonlinear. When I asked him for his Yahoo password or to log in front of me,. He refused. He has a history of setting up a profile on a dating website and I forgave his asa. I left and he has not even looked for me. SO much I sacrificed to keep my marriage for nothing.

I agree with you. Life is too short to live in a loveless<br />
marriage. People judge, but no one knows except<br />
for those in the relationship.

Take a look at my confession that I have left on this site. I think I could talk to you and have a lot in common. I too left my husband. We were together for 8 years and married 2 of the 8 years. I felt some of the same ways you did......but I feel guilty and have regrets.