I did it again and I am so embarassed!!!! I locked the keys in the car!!!! Thank God for the On Star Button!!!  4 times in less than two months is ridiculous.

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The back of my truck has a sliding window with a latch on it. All i have to do is bang on the window until the latch comes out then i can get in.

I am such an idiot sometimes. I do this frequently.

It happens, try not to stress over it. =)

It happens, try not to stress over it. =)

mmmm gotta love a man in uniform.

My daughter called wanted me to come get her and take her to her apartment to get her spare keys. She had locked her keys in her car. I got over there and ask <br />
her how she was getting in her apartment? NOT. <br />
Saw a fire truck and thank goodness, they all have those things you use to open doors in case of an emergency. They opened her door and weren't bad to look at either.

U r sweet. ty

lol l hope not.

teehee soon....<br />
regardless, good idea

I used to do that with an past car, I simply put tape over the drivers side door lock so I had to use the key remote to lock the door, problem solved.

OMG since I posted this story I took my friend's car out one evening and locked the keys in it. I couldn't figure out who his roadside service was through so I called up AAA to request a "lockout." You know I was going to have to pay a surcharge. I just waited at the store until he closed his gym and then he came with his keys and let me in.

I left the keys in the car to remove something from the trunk, shut the trunl and the door shut. That was my time!

You are right!!1 Twice this week.. Actually three times if you count the fact that I locked Brandon's keys in the back of his car the other night. Here was my thought... I was going to drink but I didn't want any temptation to drive (lol but I had already been drinking) so I take the keys and locked them in the trunk!! Never mind the fact that the closest set of extra keys were over 50 miles away!!! Can you say blonde jack moment????

Get some sleep and it shouldn't happen that often. :P