I'm looking for a gay guy for MOC
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31-35, F
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hey i am a 30 year old gay guy based in chandigarh. my story is pretty similar to urs and now i hv finally realised that moc is the best way forward. i also feel that moc shud be such that we can carry our other life discreetly and with a sense of fulfilment. im discreet and straight acting and well settled professionally. if ur keen to hv an initial chat plz msg me or email on salilsoni21@gmail.com. all the best and tc:)

Hey are you still looking?

where do you come from?

Hi How are you doing?
We are a gay couple from India. We are now in a situation where our families have started to pressurize us into marriage to a woman. We cannot accept it. We are looking for lesbian or lesbian couple , so it could ease out the pressure and also Me and my BF can stay together. We have nbeen in relationship for over 7 years now and its hard for us when parents force us to marry a girl. If you know any please help us.
Waiting for your reply.
Thank You

Wats MOC?

Moc ?