My First Lesbian Experience

Hello I am a 21 year old girl, named Jennifer. I had my first lesbian experience one weekend when I was 14. I was having a sleepover with my best friend Ashley, and we would always sleep naked during our sleepovers. so it wasn't a surprise to see her naked but this time we were watching a movie and it had a lesbian scene. i looked over to Ashley naked beside me in bed and her nipples were hard and she was leaking on my bed. I just ignored it. Later on there was another lesbian scene and she was wet again and she started rubbing herself. Watching her I found myself getting tingly and I started to get wet also. When I was reaching for some popcorn our hands met and i felt an amazing tingle throughout my entire body, and I herd her moan, she apologized immediately, but I told her I liked It.

The night turned into an awkward movie night and then she leaned over and grabbed my hand and the tingle came back and I moaned as well as her an I leaned in for a kiss, when our lips met it was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced. Her soft lips tasted like strawberries and we both had so much passion. After the kiss I started rubbing my ***** after around thirty seconds Ashley said "its my turn" and started rubbing my ***** and it felt so good, I started arching my back and moaned. I was approaching my ****** when she stopped and said "It's my turn" so she leaned back and waited for me to start rubbing her, after a bit I felt the urge to start licking her, so I did and she let out a loud moan and arched her back. I felt her tense up and all of a sudden the most warm, creamy, and delicious *** bursted out of her, and I licked It all up off of everywhere, I have tasted my own *** before from licking my fingers after playing with myself, but Ashley's tasted so much better she leaned over and started licking my vagina and made me *** all over her body.

After she licked all of my juices up we kissed and the taste of my *** was amazing. It was so hot, we spent hours playing in bed and in the morning we showered together and slowly washed each other head to toe.

To this day we have "sleepovers" once or twice a weekend every weekend but now we spice up our time with many different toys. We will be spending three beautiful weeks in Hawaii in a few weeks and I have been ordering many different strap-on's and vibrators for our heavenly vacation of a lifetime. I am now proud to call myself a Lesbian.

SluttyJen SluttyJen
18-21, F
Jan 15, 2013