My gf is lesbo and we love each other too much but we have problem in having sex some times i do what she want to make her happy but im not feel great and i cant leave her what...
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How exactly are you with a lesbian? Does she still satisfy you?

This is a long story we know each other very long before and she told me she is bi i had no problem with that and after while i feel she likes gils more and more last time she bring her female friend to my home and we did sex all of us

So what i should do?

In my opinion, yeah it's fun to have sex with two girls at once but after a while is have to wonder if I was just getting used.. And things I've read that you posted makes me wonder that. I mean, do you even really feel like she wants YOU? Or just what you do or give her? :/

No im sure she loves me too much we know each other years before only i afraid if she turn compleatly lesbian may be she is not adapting with my thing i dont know im totally confused and need advises

If she really loved you I don't see how she would constantly want another girl instead of you... I'm thinking she may already be fully lesbian and just not ready to admit it:/

this is exactly the situation

I think you should get out while you can:/

I love her

Some times the people we love don't love us back :/

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