Married But Living With A Girl

I am christian. A 46 year old mother to 18 year old son, 16 year old daughter. Im am in a realtionship with a beautiful young woman who is 24, and she recently came out. Here is my story, I hope to receive some advice and hear some opinions.
I dont know if I am gay, but let me tell you how it started. I have been married to a very good man for 24 years. He is a good father, and we always got along very well. We have seperated 3 times throughout our marriage, as our intimacy hasnt been what it should. We hadnt slept together for a year when this young woman came into my life. My kids met her, my husband met her. Then our attraction began,becomming extremely close, very quickly. We were totally in love.
I asked my husband for time and space to figure out what and who I am, and moved out of the bedroom into the spare room. It was horrible. We faught and screamed at each other all the time. Was hard for the kids, we are very close to them. I then asked him to move out so we could formally seperate, and give ouselves time to figure out if we want to be together or not. It was shocking for him, he truely loves and wont give me up. He refused to leave, saying I must, and leave the kids in their home. Very difficult decision. I run a business from the same house,so knew I would see the kids everyday. I moved out, straight into the arms of a women, who adores me, callsme her soul mate, wants to have children with me, despite my age!
But the guilt I feel is so intense. Being a christian, feeling like I have let God, my children, my family down. I dont even know if I am gay, Im not the type of person who believes in lables, i believe in souls. I havent got divorced, not sure why, and my daughter is very angry with me, where we were once so very close, now she hates me.
What do I do? I have been living with this gentle hearted lovely woman for 8 months now, but dont want to cause any more damage with my kids.

Confused and worried
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Jan 19, 2013